About Spordle

Born out of an unbridled passion for sports and the values it represents

Spordle is a dynamic and innovative company operating in the sports management software industry. The company specializes in developing and providing an end-to-end sports management platform designed to create, grow, and efficiently manage top-tier sports experiences for sports organizations worldwide.

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Spordle is the amalgamation of "Spor" from Sport and "dl," an acronym representing the term digital. This combination signifies "Sports Digital," encapsulating the essence of leveraging digital technology to enhance and revolutionize the sports industry. Spordle represents the intersection of sports and the digital realm, embodying innovation, efficiency, and modernization within the sporting landscape.

Our promise

We are dedicated to being your organization's ultimate ally, collaborating closely to ensure the successful achievement of our shared goals. Having processed over $300 million in payments, with one million registrations and thousands of games and practices scheduled annually, Sporlde stands as the guardian of your data and operations. We approach this responsibility with utmost seriousness and professionalism, recognizing the significance of our role in supporting your success.

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Social Engagement

To make the difference

Spordle promotes social engagement through two key initiatives. Firstly, by providing financial support to sports-related foundations, we contribute to enabling individuals to pursue the sports they love. Secondly, we extend our support to elite athletes, fostering their development and success in the sporting arena.

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Spordle related entities

Explore affiliated platforms, seamlessly integrating sports, recreation, and entertainment management solutions across multiple companies for a comprehensive experience. These platforms are connected through common shareholders, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach.

Event n'roll

Ticketing Platform for sports and entertainment events.


Recreation facilities management platform.


Live and on-demand online streaming platform for amateur sports events.



Lyno T.Cote

Lyno T.Cote

President, CEO

Steven Brien

Steven Brien

Executive Vice-Président, CFO

Olivier Désormeaux

Olivier Désormeaux

Vice-President, IT

JP Michaud

JP Michaud

Vice-President, Products

Farrel G. Miller

Farrel G. Miller

Board member