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Spordle empowers the sports community to enhance their operations and fan experiences, making it a valuable tool for the modern sports landscape.

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Sports Management ERP

Innovative sports end-to-end management platform connecting governing bodies, leagues, clubs, associations, teams, parents, and fans within one integrated platform - The Spordle ERP.

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Productivity apps

Spordle ERP includes the productivity apps you know and value — ID, Play, Page, and many more — in one location, enabling you to manage, communicate, and collaborate effectively.

  • Spordle iD

    Spordle iD

    The Central Registry - Designed to streamline the registration and management of participants, including athletes, players, coaches, and officials, and to handle courses and qualifications. Spordle iD applies operational workflows, and the platform assists in enforcing the rulebook.

  • Spordle Play

    Spordle Play

    Daily management of leagues, tournaments, and associations/clubs - Spordle Play handles scheduling, results, statistics, rankings, penalties, suspensions, sanctions, and the complete management of officiating, assignment, supervision, and payroll.

  • Spordle Page

    Spordle Page

    Inform, Update, and Connect with Your Audience. Participants and fans can discover news, schedules, and statistics. The platform also facilitates communication with your members and participants, and participants can register through the Spordle Page.

  • Spordle Store

    Spordle Store

    Sell tickets and merchandise, raise funds, and manage event registrations for your sports team or organization. Spordle Store was originally designed to handle event ticketing for conferences, congresses, camps, or purchasing tickets to a game or sports event.

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Your End-to-End Solution for Elevating Sports Operations and Fan Experiences

A list of client hierarchy starting from players and athlethes up to the National Sport Organisation

Revolutionize your sport by implementing Spordle Sports Management ERP

The platform offers a wide range of features to manage several hierarchical levels, each with its responsibilities and authority from the governing bodies to clubs, leagues, tournaments and competitions. It ensures consistency, fair play, and opportunities for participants at different stages of their sporting journey.

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Why implement an ERP?

The goal of an ERP system is to streamline processes and information across the organization, allowing different departments to share data and communicate more effectively. This integration helps improve efficiency, reduce redundancy, and enhance collaboration.

Spordle ERP consists of a suite of applications that are interconnected and share a common database. This enables real-time updates and provides a holistic view of the organization's operations.

Anonymous podium with Spordle at the top

Guiding your organization to the next podium step.

Spordle brings a wealth of experience in assisting governing bodies with the review and establishment of a comprehensive governing system. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through every step, from initial analysis and defining project scope to meticulous planning, seamless implementation, and successful rollout.

What they have to say

  • Hockey Canada

    The Spordle platform has achieved significant milestones in recent years, contributing to the enhancement of amateur sports across the country. This partnership will provide a better experience for all stakeholders and contribute to the growth of the sport we love.

    Pat Mclaughlin
    Pat Mclaughlin
    Senior Vice-President and COO
  • Baseball Quebec

    Partnering with Spordle has been a game-changer for Baseball Quebec. The platform's innovative solutions and unwavering support have streamlined our operations, providing a seamless experience for players, coaches, and fans alike.

    Maxime Lamarche
    Maxime Lamarche
    General Manager
  • Rocket Laval

    The Rocket, an AHL team, places great trust in Spordle's expertise to establish and maintain a robust online presence. This formidable partnership not only strengthens our ability to connect with fans through digital platforms but also empowers us to foster meaningful engagement at the grassroots level.

    Benjamin Roy
    Benjamin Roy
    VP Marketing
  • Hockey Quebec

    Spordle has been an indispensable partner for Hockey Quebec, fostering a long-term collaboration that has significantly enhanced our operations. Their innovative solutions have contributed to the overall efficiencies of amateur hockey in Quebec.

    Jocelyn Thibault
    Jocelyn Thibeault
    General Manager
  • International Pee Wee Tournament of Quebec

    Spordle has been our reliable partner for over 10 years, offering a comprehensive solution for our operations at the International Pee Wee Tournament of Quebec. From team registration to live scoring, the website, and the official app, Spordle exceeds our expectations.

    Patrick Dom
    Patrick Dom
    General Manager
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The Spordle Page Network serves as the centralized hub for aggregating and publishing fan-relevant data derived from the Spordle ERP. This platform compiles schedules, stats, standings, scoring, and news from all Sports Organizations utilizing the Spordle Platform. The platform spans a broad spectrum of sports, encompassing hockey, baseball, soccer, and more.

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