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Case Study: Spordle's ERP for Hockey Canada

Case Study: Spordle's ERP  for Hockey Canada

Case Study: Spordle's ERP for Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada, the governing body for ice hockey in Canada, oversees a vast community of 750,000 participants, including players, coaches, and referees. The organization collaborates with over 3,000 minor hockey associations and provincial bodies nationwide.


Hockey Canada faced the challenge of efficiently managing a large and diverse community of hockey enthusiasts while adhering to their unique processes, bylaws, and workflows. The need for a centralized platform to handle player registrations, team rosters, coach and referee qualifications, clinic registrations, criminal record checks (CRC), game incident reports, and player movement workflows was evident. 


  • Platform Overview:

    • Name: Hockey Canada Registry
    • Product: Spordle iD
    • Client Plan: ENTERPRISE
  • Key Features:

    • National Registry: A centralized platform for registering and rostering all participants, including players, coaches, referees, and volunteers.
    • Provincial and Minor Hockey Support: Extensive support for provinces and over 3,000 minor hockey associations.
    • Multi-Language Support: Bilingual platform in English and French.
    • Dedicated Server and Data Segregation: Spordle iD ENTERPRISE plan ensures dedicated servers and robust data segregation for data security.
    • White-Labeled Platform: Customized to reflect Hockey Canada's branding for a seamless user experience.
    • Personalized Customer Service: Spordle provides dedicated customer service to meet Hockey Canada's specific needs.
    • Documentation: Comprehensive documentation to support efficient platform utilization.
    • Financial Transactions: Processed over 200,000,000 M$ CDN in credit card transactions for registration fees.
  • Integration:

    • Learning Management System (LMS): Seamless integration with Brightspace Learning Management System.
    • Third-Party Connections: Integration with third-party platforms like Coach.ca (The Locker), Respect in Sports, Hockey University, TeamSnap, Ramp, Agilex and more.
  • Workflow Management:

    • Qualification Management: Handles the qualification management of coaches, referees, and other participants.
    • Clinic Registrations: Processes and manages over 100,000 clinic registrations annually.
    • Player Movement Workflow: Manages workflows for over half a million player movements, including transfers.
    • Travel permits: Travel permits allow teams to travel between provinces or outside the country.
    • Game Incident Reports: Management of game incident reports for a comprehensive overview of events.
    • Insurance: Insurance coverage and check issuance.
    • Maltreatment: Tracking Maltreatment.
    • CRC Tracking: Efficient tracking of criminal record checks for volunteers, coaches, and staff.


Spordle's Hockey Canada Registry has become an indispensable tool for the organization, streamlining its operations, ensuring compliance with regulations, and providing a secure and efficient platform for the vast hockey community across Canada. The solution meets Hockey Canada's unique needs and enhances the overall experience for participants, administrators, and stakeholders in Canadian ice hockey. The financial transactions processed underscore the platform's robustness in handling large-scale registrations and financial operations.

Expansion of the Case Study: Hockey Canada's Strategic Vision

Client's Strategic Goal: Hockey Canada, the governing body for ice hockey in Canada, has set a strategic goal to connect all its business units through the Spordle iD platform. The aim is to position Spordle iD as the centralized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for the national governing body, streamlining and unifying their diverse operations.

Implementation of Spordle iD: With the deployment of Spordle iD as the Hockey Canada Registry, the organization has taken a significant step towards achieving this goal. The platform, designed and managed by Spordle, has successfully centralized critical functions such as player registrations, team rosters, coach and referee qualifications, clinic registrations, criminal record checks (CRC), game incident reports, and player movement workflows.

Key Achievements:

  1. Operational Unity: Implementing Spordle iD has fostered operational unity across Hockey Canada's extensive network of participants, associations, and provinces.

  2. Efficiency Gains: The platform's comprehensive features have led to efficiency gains in managing the entire lifecycle of players, coaches, and referees, as well as the associated administrative processes.

  3. Financial Transactions: Processing over 200,000,000 M$ CDN in credit card transactions showcases the platform's robust financial capabilities, ensuring secure and seamless registration fee transactions.

  4. Multi-Language Support: The bilingual support in English and French ensures inclusivity and accessibility for all users, reflecting Hockey Canada's commitment to linguistic diversity.

Strategic Roadmap: Hockey Canada envisions extending the utilization of Spordle iD to connect and streamline all its business units, creating a cohesive ERP system. This includes linking various departments, such as finance, marketing, communications, and event management, to the centralized platform.

Benefits of a Centralized ERP:

  1. Data Visibility: A centralized ERP provides real-time visibility into key performance indicators, ensuring informed decision-making.

  2. Process Standardization: Standardizing processes across business units enhances consistency, compliance, and overall organizational efficiency.

  3. Enhanced Collaboration: Improved communication and collaboration between departments lead to a more integrated and agile organizational structure.

  4. Scalability: The centralized ERP, with features like dedicated servers and data segregation, ensures scalability to accommodate the growing needs of Hockey Canada.

Conclusion: Hockey Canada's strategic vision to make Spordle iD the centralized ERP reflects a commitment to excellence, efficiency, and a unified approach to managing the diverse aspects of the national governing body. Spordle's ongoing support and dedication to customization align with Hockey Canada's goals, paving the way for continued success and innovation in the realm of Canadian ice hockey administration.